Necessary Tools to Onboard New Hires Virtually

Tools to Onboard New Hires Virtually

Necessary Tools to Onboard New Hires Virtually

With the “new normal” that exists today, organizations are hiring and onboarding their new employees virtually.
I have a cousin that started a new job recently, working remotely. She stated to me that companies must make sure their new employees are equipped to work from home by supplying all the necessary tools to perform their tasks sufficiently. My cousin referenced Zoom (@zoom_video_communications) for being tremendously helpful in her training and meetings, and FedEx’s  (@fedex) swift and reliable delivery of her new laptop and cellphone.
The list I have provided details some tools to assist with the onboarding process of your new employees. However, these tools can be used to effectively engage with your immediate team and teams across your organization remotely. Platforms such as Slack (@slackhq), Cisco’s WebEx (@cisco), and Microsoft Teams (@microsoft) can facilitate communication through instant messaging, video conferencing and file sharing.
And to incorporate some fun to ease stress during this time, schedule a virtual coffee break or happy hour with your teams. Both ideas sound good right about now. 😉

Dream Big,

La Shawn, Small Business Warrior

Necessary Tools to Onboard New Hires Virtually

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